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Thursday, 23-Jun-2005 00:00 Email | Share | Bookmark
this is a just 1/100 of tribute to him.

i hope it's not too late..as i struggled from what i thought was the beginning of the toughest time of my life-it was one's of my good friend's ends.
I am just 25, and yet he was 25.His life is as much as me and you.The timeline is there, justifying the meaning of a successful life from the eyes of
the majorities.Finished boarding school, then to universities, post graduate jobs later on (which the leaders refers to when it comes to subjects of
the price of oil increased recently) , then scapping aside most of the money to get married, he had a fiancee. Then it stops there for him.Just like that.
Make me realise that life is so not ours,it is borrowed from our Maker and it is the most of what we can do out of it that counts.

It is a new experience for us.And in these learning times the death of arwah-we took it with mixed emotions.A simple tahlil was organized,it's been a while since
i baca surah Yassin and actually involved in a tahlil.

I had my personal regrets for arwah as for the past few weeks before his death I often thought about him yet no actions taken.no sms ,no phone calls.
How far a distance for a close friend can be when there's too little time for simple gestures of exchanging apa khabar, having a laugh or two on the
line and until something happened and it's too late- then you'll feel regret and when the guilt comes you are trying to ease the pain and sorry for yourself
by whining..just like i did

well i can't change but as human we'll learn.i 've learned that good friends can't be taken for granted.I've learned that simple phone calls or sms is ok,adequate
and neccessary ,i've learned that life is too fast to catch up but by setting my own pace, i will propably get there or die trying.

Anuaruddin Mustopha. A good friend.Al Fatihah

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